The ToonSpaghetti Story Lab app for iPad and iPhone is now in the App Store!

ToonSpaghetti Story Lab

Released in the Apple App store on 25 February, the ToonSpaghetti Story Lab app helps kids aged 5+ expand their language and literacy skills through fun multi-media story creation. Kids explore a whole galaxy of story planets, each with its own adventure and literacy games.

Story Lab encourages kids to use their creativity to bring stories to life. Kids solve fun word games and challenges, emphasise moods with emotional music, create their own sound effects and record themselves reading out loud.

“Story creation is an engaging and fun way for kids to discover language and expand their vocabulary,” says Chief Learning Officer Leah Hinton. Developed around Common Core learning objectives, Story Lab helps build descriptive adjectives and adverbs, learn exciting verbs, interpret moods and emotions, read along with story narration and understand story structure.

Story Lab is available in English, German, Spanish and French.

A classroom version is also available through the Apple Volume purchase program.


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