Interview With The Founders Of Pijajo

Logo pijajoIn this interview  Jan-Martin Josten and  John Nitschke  of  explain to STARTÜBERLIN what is Pijajo and why it is important for promotion and event agencies.

Can you describe what is

John: is the simple and easy way for promotion and event agencies to manage and organise their staff online. With online sedcards, job board, digital booking and our 1-click-billing-system the current effort for agency and staff is getting substantially minimized, so that everyone can focus on the basics again: A successful event!”

How does it work?

“Basically there are 2 target-groups:
As event or promotion agency you often have trouble keeping your staff’s profiles up to date or simply finding the right candidate for a job. After finding for example the right hostess for a fair, you have to contact her via mail or phone, clarify the conditions, send the contract and getting it back signed. Hello paperwar!
pijajo offers all that on one single website: simply register your vacancies, find the best fitting staff and book him or her online. Simple and efficient.”

“As staff you often work together with different agencies in order to get more jobs. Unfortunately every agency has more or less complex processes to sign you up. So you spend a lot of time sending documents back and forth till you finally get a job and a contract which you have to send back. Since you want to get paid for your work, you either write a bill or send a timesheet. Again: big administrative issue.
Using pijajo will save a lot of time: Sign up, edit your profile and fill your Sedcard. Basically that’s it. If you’ll be offered a job, you can accept it with just one single click. After having the job done, you can forward the automatically prepared timesheet or bill to your agency. Done.”

Why is so special?

“Because it’s so incredibly simple to use! pijajo’s big advantage is the fact, that it is a browserbased software – there’s no expensive installation or implementation necessary. All you need is a browser and an internetconnection. That pretty much holds down the costs. Additionally every user has its own login, so that he or she can keep their profile updated with all documents and information which the agency needs to offer him or her a job.
Using pijajo is really simple and fun, because from the beginning we’ve been focussing on an intuitive user interface. This will be even more important, when we enter the payroll tax business.
Payroll tax business? Yep. Sounds boring – it’s not! We are just about to development an add-on-Tool to expand our idea, so that not just event- and promotionagencies benefit from it. Cost-savings up to 80% will be highly interesting for smaller companies as well as big business concerns.”

Who are the founders?

“Jan and me got to know each other back in the time when we worked as hosts on fairs. And we were just tired of how complicated this booking and organisation processes were. So we decided to start doing it better. Jan studied bioinformatics, so he is just the right guy for developing and programming the website as well as our ERP-systems. I am business administrator, taking care for distribution and marketing. By the time we became not just co-workers but friends, which is awsome: Working together in your own start-up and with a great friend at your side is honestly the best, that could have happened.”

Jan-Martin Josten John Nitschke of  pijajo

Why Berlin?

“We both have been studying here and just fell in love with Berlin. Besides it’s multicultural and permissive lifestyle, it offers great opportunities for start-ups. We’ve discovered and joined a widespread network of entrepreneurs, founders and great talents with awsome ideas and a lot of creativity and ambition, which is so very valuable. To us it’s just like the best ecosystem for start-up-companies in Germany. Besides that Berlin offers a lot of possibilities to find an investor for your idea: In our case it is happily the country Berlin itself, which just invested 385.000 Euro in


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