Interview with Leon O. Strowski aka Lion O. King

Lion O. King - pic of Cristina Roldán Sevilla

ph. Cristina Roldán Sevilla

This is an interview with Leon O. Strowski aka Lion O. King a singer who lives in Berlin and has a big dream.

Hi Lion this should have been the last question but your last song New York –  published few days ago – is awesome so tell more me about it. I know that you are fond of New York. You told me you have been in Brooklyn. Why is New York so important for you? Where does come from this deep love for Big Apple?

LOK: My deep love for the Big Apple is actually! A deep love for Humanity in disguise. The City serves as an amplifier for human emotions.

You live in Berlin now. So what are the differences between this two great cities? Is Berlin a little New York?

LOK: Berlin is raw energy, Berlin is work in progress, Berlin is the cool guy without money. With all his ideals, but no connections in order to make the become reality. Berlin is a rough diamond. The world’s most exciting question mark. While New York: New York is a full stop. New York is a claim, a shout. A taken risk turning into an opportunity. New York is the product, Berlin is a breeding ground. These two coexist in a very great way. It’s time for me to climb up the Statue of Liberty. And shout out: what I learned in Berlin.

As I told you this is a blog about startups. What have intrigued me during our conversation is this your original idea that a band or a singer is a brand, a startup. So tell me more about your startup. Why your startup is interesting? What’s special in your songs? Why business angels and investors should invest in your art and creativity?

LOK: Well, a band/singer/musical project can certainly be considered a startup – from the economical point of view. You’ve got a product. And although what you are doing is art and thus has a certain mysticism about it, you want to sell it. Like Würstelchen. Or canned tuna. Or cauliflower. A computer. An idea.

LOK: I think my startup is interesting because it produces pop songs that are of outstanding quality, full of hooks and wonderful earworms. And my startup is fast! Remember the Beatles? Business angels and investors should invest for two reasons (amongst others): my music will sell extraordinarily well. My music is an attempt to improve the world and turn it into a juster place. A lot of very talented people are involved into this mission. It’s a democratic thinktank.

Talking more from an artistic point of view what is your music genre? What kind of music are you into?

LOK: I have lately been describing my genre as this: pop music that is composed off of several different sub-genres. Predominantly Blues, Folk & Electronic Dance Music. Some Funk, Soul & Grunge included.



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