“F**KING AMAZING” movie world premiere will hack Berlin International Film Festival


“F**KING AMAZING”, a tech startup documentary by Italian film director Lorenzo Musiu, is set to premiere during the upcoming Berlin International Film Festival week this February 19.

“The movie premiere is a hack of one of the most important film festivals in the world,” said Musiu. “We are dreamers who want to disrupt the Berlinale by creating our own opportunity.”

The filmmakers embarked in a round-the-world trip following the story of Honor Gunday, tech entrepreneur who started from nothing and managed to create an international company while facing a lot of obstacles on the way. The filmmakers discovered that behind every success stands great motivation as well as failure and controversies.

The movie was shot across several locations around the world, such as Silicon Valley, San Francisco, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, Shanghai, Manila, Hanoi, Istanbul, Kiev, Berlin, Amsterdam, and features stories of more than 100 influential organizations and various startups around the world such as Wargaming, VentureBeat, BlaBlaCar, Twilio, and Stanford University.

Lorenzo Musiu found a pattern behind a startup’s success and will apply the same principles to the film industry, by hacking the Berlinale. They learned that hacking—by not doing things the regular way—is a crucial factor for the startup industry.

During the trip, the filmmakers came across the idea that “F**KING AMAZING”, the movie, was a startup itself. Their experiences mirrored the journey and the struggles of the startups they have met. They came up with the title based on the observation that if you want to achieve a goal in life, you will go through challenges and obstacles. Quoting the movie: “One day can be the most amazing day ever, but the very next day you will probably f**k everything up.” This combination results in a f**king amazing experience.

“By creating this movie, I want to give hope to a lot of young people who don’t know anything about the tech revolution and who don’t believe they can actually change the world for the better!” said Musiu. With the lessons they have learned, Lorenzo Musiu and his crew transformed their documentary into a manifesto of the tech revolution and new international entrepreneurship.

The world premiere event of “F**KING AMAZING” will be held at the Platoon Kunsthalle, which is a stack of massive freight containers placed at the very center of Berlin. The event location is a hack of the city itself. The premiere will start with a special red carpet reception at 7:30pm, with invited guests to be gathered together for the screening at 9:00pm. An after party follows the premiere at 10:30 PM.

Platoon Kunsthalle
Schönhauser Allee 9
10119 Berlin

Movie Crew

Lorenzo Musiu is a director from Milan who has a background in TV, music, and fashion movies production. By working with Startup Safary, he has been in touch with the startup scene, meeting Honor Gunday, the CEO of Paymentwall, in 2013. It took 1 year and a half to complete the travel around the world and finish making F**KING AMAZING, the movie. To find out more about Lorenzo’s passion for filmmaking, visit www.lorenzomusiu.com

Nicola Fanari is a sound engineer and musician who has worked for the biggest music studios in Italy. In collaboration with Luca Fogagnolo, he is responsible for F**KING AMAZING’s audio and original soundtrack. Learn more about his work by visiting www.hikosound.com

Pascal Messmer is the Director of Photography and Cinematographer of the movie. A very precise and experienced cameraman, Pascal specializes in aerial shots and has his own production company. Visit his website at www.movik.de



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