My kingdom for a cool bike lock or… at least a very useful post.

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A horse, a horse! My kingdom for a horse! These are the famous words recited by Richard III during a very dangerous moment for his life and for his kingdom. Today we still say, on some occasions, the famous Shakespeare’s phrase:”My kingdom for…. you choose an equivalent word for a horse” Perhaps you are wondering: what does it really mean?

If you check it out in a dictionary the explanation is:”a phrase expressing a strong desire or need for something relatively simple or inexpensive as compared to a kingdom, but at the present moment the item needed or wanted is invaluable. Any needed item can be substituted for ‘a horse.’”

I live in Berlin and my modern “horse” is a Fahrrad, the German word for a bicycle. I am not the only one in town who uses this two tired horse, made of still or alluminuim, to move my heavy body from point A to point B. If you live in Northern Europe you can see many people getting around the city on bicycles. Amsterdam, Copenhagen, Berlin and London are cities where you can see a myriad of bikes parked everywhere.

People love this simple and ecological mean of transportation and if it were not for the fact that bikes are being continuously stolen, everyone would be happy. More than 381,000 bicycles are stolen every year in England and Wales alone and 340000 bikes were stolen in Germany in 2014. So there is a broad question that everybody asks themselves: How to prevent my bike from being stolen?

A week ago, during a lazy summer afternoon, I stumbled upon a very interesting post about bike accessories. I googled “cool bike accessories” and the first position of the results on Google was occupied by an article posted by a British company, located in London, which actually sells a very cool bikelock.Beware, this is not adwertising. I do not want to write about this company — disclaimer: they are not even one of my clients — and I am not trying to sell you their awesome cool bike lock.

What really gets my attention is the post published on their blog and how it worked out well to get more eyeballs and traffic to their website. You can check it out yourself using SEMrush or ahrefs.

My core business is to help companies to create and manage content and how to engineer it to be useful for my clients: more traffic, more attention, more engagement and so on. So why this peculiar article is so important for me?

This article is a perfect example of what you must to do to be visible and famous in a very short period of time: create very useful and shareable content. This is not only true from a SEO point of view. People crave useful, funny o great content. Users love stories or interesting articles which can be shared among their friends.

So what have we learned from all this? Choosing the content strategy that is right, can be the key for the success of your business. The famous slogan “write great content” is not enough and it too vague. Write the right content for your clients, is much better!

The author of this article is Roldano De Persio, Co-Founder of nøørthus, a Berlin Digital Agency. He is an expert about SEO Strategy, Content Design and Web Marketing.

Contact me here: roldano(dot)depersio(at)noorthus(dot)com

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