STARTÜBERLIN is an editorial product of NØØRTHUS. Noorthus is the Berlin-based startup, co-founded by Roldano De Persio and Stef Orzan, which offers worldwide its expertise on Content Strategy, Content Marketing, Content Design, SEO. We help our clients to be visible and stand out online, especially when they are interested in entering the German and Northern European markets.

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We are also hooked on meaningful, inspiring stories and Startüberlin is the hangout to share some great ideas and experiences, a place where founders talk about themselves and their brainchild. Basically, we love to deliver a fresh and original perspective on Berlin’s startups scene. If you are a a startupper and want to show the world your fantastic idea or product, please feel free to contact us! Would you like to write a post as our guest blogger? Come by and say hallo! Get in touch if you have something you think we’d be interested in:

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photo by Kerstin Bock

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  1. Hello StartupBerlin,

    I’d like to start off by saying how excited I am with your content in general, really great stuff. I’m writing to you on behalf of Investors’ Angel, a Crowd-Funding consultancy agency. We are currently developing an online startup show called the “Purgatory Show” where we display a large amount of Startups during a short window for investors to look over and either like or let it pass by. Every Startup is originally given 30 seconds to present their project but that time can be extended if the Startup receives enough ‘likes’ during its presentation.

    The show is planned to be hosted by Perri Blake Gorman and Max Keiser. One of them plays the role of an Angel and the other of a Devil, serving as two radically different viewpoints on the presented Startups, with the pilot airing in late January.

    The reason I’m contacting you is we here at Investors’ Angel would like to partner up with you guys to help promote this show via certain media assets on your webspace and in return we will promote your services and website via our outlets.

    Tell me if you’re interested, please.

    Vincent Hall

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